Special Projects

in addition to the work we do helping our clients to find the right pricing, Atenga uses its resources to conduct special projects in order to add value for its customers and partners.

The Millennial Project:

Together with award winning film maker and Millennial specialist Josh Tickell, Atenga has conducted a series of studies into the difference between Boomers and Millennials. There is much research on how Millennials behave as consumers, and also some research on how they perceive the workplace and what motivates them. There is no other research company that focuses on measuring the difference in perceptions and preferences among the incoming and outgoing generations. This is important, because in many companies, leadership almost exclusively consists of Boomers, while contributors and middle managers, whose job is to execute the company's strategy almost exclusively consists of Millennials. 

Click on the image below to read our first report on the subject. 

Here is a short video summarizing the first project. 

Streaming Music and Video:

The streaming music and video industry is changing how we all consume its content. OTTs (Over The Top networks) like Netflix, Hulu and others effectually compete with traditional cable and broadcast networks, and Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and others have virtually killed the CD and digital download music industry - but are they setting their prices correctly? With these two studies, we can say a resounding "NO."

Click on the image below and download our report on how poorly the OTTs price their services. 

Click on the image below to download our report on how poorly the music streaming companies price their services.