Exclusive access to the Slack channel on pricing


Exclusive access to the Slack channel on pricing

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To summarize the benefits:

  • All participants in this Slack channel is by invitation only. Vendors and consultants are excluded. No more than 100 participants will be allowed.
  • You will receive a free copy of my latest book How to Price Right – The Ultimate Guide. (Published Q1 2017).
  • You will benefit from shared experience and inputs from discussions among peers.
  • You can reach out to peers in private conversations for a variety of reasons (no price fixing or price collusion discussions or activities, please.)
  • You will receive exclusive white papers and articles on pricing right before they are published.
  • You will receive unlimited Slack channel private consultations from me. You can pick my brain 24/7!
  • You will receive massive discounts on pricing seminars tailor-made for the circumstances of your company.
  • You will receive tremendous discounts on public pricing seminars when held in your location
  • You will receive one hour of free private telephone consultation with me per month.  You can pick my brain during business hours!

To keep this Slack channel manageable, and to provide benefits an exclusive group of people, only 100 participants are allowed. I want you to be part of that group.