Good pricing practices have emerged as the great battleground of 21st century commerce. 

According to MIT's Sloan School of Management the most successful 5% of American businesses have dedicated themselves to price optimization as a business improvement strategy.  Companies that use it report increased growth, higher profits and a very strong competitive advantage. Pricing Software has become the key tool for many of these companies to manage their prices. But vendors are often silent about how their software actually works.

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Like other enterprise class software products, pricing software required pre- and post-installation consulting. Some vendors provide these consulting services while others relies on 3rd parties to provide such consulting.

Pre-installation consulting consists of developing an information platform from which the software's rules are defined.  

Pricing software is not a "set and forget" type of product. Therefore, post-installation consulting consists of developing a process for constantly measuring results and how to adjust the software to improve these results.