Here is the agenda for my half day pricing seminar that I will make available for free for METal members (a $6,000 value):


A company’s profits are driven by only three variables; sales volume, cost and price. Of these three, pricing is the forgotten stepchild. But pricing has the highest leverage, the most immediate results and is the least disruptive improvement practice you can implement. Most companies have scant pricing knowledge or skills. They rely on simplistic pricing methods like “gut feel”, “cost-plus”, “market price”, “15% below the market leader”, etc. These simple schemes lead to commoditization, eroding margins, lost profits and low growth rates. 

The Seminar is a half-day seminar for executives, sales and marketing teams. It will change the way your company thinks about pricing. It will demonstrate how pricing is, and must be, part of the business continuum and how companies who work activity with pricing, and price “right” more often than not enjoy twice the growth, twice the profits and, as a result, 4-5 times higher valuation. 


  • Introduction
  • Pricing Process
  • Pricing Champions
  • Pricing Theory
  • Top Pricing Mistakes
  • The Psychology of Pricing
  • Good and Bad Price Lists
  • Measuring Value
  • Don’t trust your customers
  • Sales Transaction Analysis
  • Pricing Software
  • Price Training For Sales
  • Results
  • Summary

When and where:

Friday the 25th of March from 1pm - 5pm

Cross Campus St Monica
929 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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