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White Papers & Videos

For more details on how you can benefit from our services, here are links to additional reading material, pages, and videos that provide more in-depth information on Atenga's approach and methods. Click on the links below to read about:

White papers

We have captured our thoughts on customer intelligence, price optimization and customer satisfaction measurement in a number of white papers. This is a wealth of information for clients and prospects alike. 

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Click below to see Atenga's CEO Per Sjofors interview on Business Rockstars, a Top 10 business show.


Click below to hear Atenga's CEO Per Sjofors' interview on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show



Price Management Software has risen to the top as a priority for companies wishing to take better control of their pricing, to plug holes where profits leak out, and to use pricing as a vehicle to simultaneously grow market share and profits. These two short videos (3 minutes) summarize the benefits of such software and how it works. 

Enjoy this series of 6 short (12 - 15 minutes)  video presentations, providing you crash course in the basics of one aspect of customer intelligence - that of using deep insights to optimize prices. 

How to price your Products & Services (Audio)