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Customer Decision Behavior

Your sales transaction data describes your customers' decision behavior. It provides insights, correlations, regressions, segmentation guideposts, elasticity coefficients and coefficients of determination. It is the basis for actionable findings and conclusions, and it provides a sound, analytical basis for constructing promotions, product bundles, pricing plans, sales processes and marketing strategies.

The data analysis will enable these insights:

  • R2 (Coefficient of Determination), which measures the importance of price in the buying decision

  • Elasticity, which tells what quantities will be sold at each price level

  • Which of the available variables are important and productive when segmenting customers 

  • Capture rate, sales volume and price performance by

    • Product line, family, or category

    • Area/rep/industry

    • Customer name, size, type, category and other identifiers that may be available

    • Respondent role and title

    • Other variables supported by your data and business processes