- Apple followers are not price sensitive and typically want "the best", thus, a relatively high price of the 3G 64GB model is a way for Apple to quickly re-coupe the development cost. Recall how successful the iPhone was with a very high price for a phone. 

- The "odd" pricing of the 3G modes ($629, $729, $829) is a way of framing to WiFi models too appear more affordable at their $499, $599 and $699 prices, thus they will easier penetrate a more price sensitive market segment.

- It is a stroke of brilliance to price (most of) the products considerable lower then the $1,000 that the rumor mill expected. And lower then Lenovo's and (I think) Dell's tablet computers. 

- The iPad will not make a dent in the netbook market for some time; it is too different, too expensive and too much Apple. At current prices it appeals to Apple users who don't want the windows experience (like me) and therefore have not yet bought a netbook. As prices of the iPad will drop significantly over the next year to two - this will change.

Per Scoffers

AuthorPer Sjofors