In this blog I’ve talked many times about the importance of using segmentation and up-selling to gain increased revenue - but there has to be some rhyme or reason to what you don’t get without paying extra. What I’m trying to say is -- don’t do what this man did to me yesterday.

On a short trip with out-of-towners in the hills above Malibu, we stopped at what looked like a small 19th century village: a very pretty and very quaint area of town. The 1850s “general store” turned out to be a wine store with tastings of local (mainly) Malibu wines. We were all in a good mood, finding this old village was a nice surprise and finding a place to taste local, and unusual, wine was too. But as we sat down in the very nicely decorated tasting room I asked the server (was it just a server or the owner?) to light the candles in the imposing candelabra just in front of the table. It would have further added to the ambiance and our good mood. Not an unusual request - just about every restaurant has candles or these little oil lamps because it adds to the ambiance, makes people happier with the experience and thus increases their likelihood to return. Pretty simple. And the guy said: “NO. We only light the candles for private parties as part of the “special lighting package”. What?!?! Here we are four people paying $15 each to get a few sips of wine and maybe buy a few bottles and the guy refused to light the candles because we did not pay for it! And as other parties sat down for tasting we heard the same question every time - and the same answer! Unbelievable!

This guy had it all wrong. He was trying to “add value” to the “special lighting package” by disallowing the lighting of candles unless you pay extra for it. But since the lit candles are “expected”, what he managed to do was to turn off customers. His “no” was such a snub that I will not go back and I could hear how other quite animated parties were subdued by the same “no” to them.

So as you are looking for ways to up-sell don’t remove from the minimum experience customers expect to receive from you when it comes to service or product functionality. It can backfire badly….


Per Sjofors


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