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Your corporate gut feel about your customers and pricing strategy is not completely wrong, but not completely right either. When you use our Pricing Research, you gain deep, detailed, insights and intelligence about your customers decision behavior and willingness to pay, to replace that gut feel with hard data and customer segmentation profiles, the game changes. Your prices are set in line with your customers' willingness to pay, your marketing becomes more efficient, your competitiveness increases, your sales force becomes more effective, and your sales and profits rise.  

"The Atenga project gave us a clear direction and it provided us with the hard data we needed to bundle our new products along the lines of customers' purchase preferences and willingness to pay" 

 Tripadvisor is the worlds largest and most prominent travel related website.

Tripadvisor is the worlds largest and most prominent travel related website.

Alison Copus
VP Marketing
Trip Advisor Business Listings

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We are not just-out-of-Business-school MBAs. We are not career consultants. We are experienced business people who have built market-leading companies in a variety of industries. We bring our experience and processes to you. 

“Our revenue for the first 4 months of 2012 is up 86%. Our new accounts are up 38%. You were a big help!”

 Digital Chalk is the leading SAAS platform for on-line education and training content. 

Digital Chalk is the leading SAAS platform for on-line education and training content. 

Russ Stinehour
CEO & President 

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Our powerful customer intelligence data platform, together with our analysis and practical recommendations give you valuable customer insights into why they choose your products and services and what they are willing to pay for them. This process creates a solid foundation upon which you can most effectively grow your business.

Atenga's comprehensive analysis provided hard data that enabled us to make confident decisions. Furthermore, their assistance made the rollout of the new pricing plans in several countries both smooth and successful.  I highly recommend their services.

 BNI is the worlds largest business networking organization. 

BNI is the worlds largest business networking organization. 

Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman
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Global Reach | Atenga Pricing & Research Experts | About Us

Atenga, Inc., was incorporated in 2002, and is located in the greater Los Angeles area. We began as a marketing consultancy, helping European and Asian companies establish markets in the United States. Our founder discovered that European companies often took a much more disciplined approach to pricing than many American companies did, and that American companies often relied on gut feel and flawed information to make critical business and pricing decisions. 

2004 - Atenga changed its focus to price optimization, adapting the European model to the American marketing and management style and customs. 

2010 - Expanded reach with dedicated resources in Europe, South America and Asia.

2011 - Developed customer satisfaction metrics to mitigate deficiencies inherent in traditional customer satisfaction studies and measurements.  

2012 - Began offering sales process re-engineering services as a stand-alone offering.

2014 - Incorporated a Joint Venture firm with UK-based Stratinis, Inc., to bring its price management software to the U.S.market. 

We operate a modern, virtual company -  all our staff works from their dedicated home offices. We communicate internally and very frequently with video conferencing, screen share technology and, of course, phones. Not only does this lower our costs, a saving that we pass on to our clients, but, more importantly, study after study concludes that virtual workers are between 20% - 25% more productive than workers in a traditional office.

Atenga's Principal Per Sjofors (bio below) and our staff have degrees from the best universities in the nation and multi-year experiences working in senior positions at some of the leading companies in the world, such as AmericanExpress, Starbucks and others.

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 Per Sjöfors  Founder/CEO  818 887 4970 x 101  per@atenga.com

Per Sjöfors


818 887 4970 x 101


Per’s long-term interest in pricing as a key business driver lead to the founding of Atenga. He discovered that what he had learned about pricing in business school was not actionable and practical enough to be useful. After trying different approaches to pricing, he concluded that he could develop specific intellectual properties around which he could found Atenga.

Prior to Atenga, Per had more than 25 years of executive management experience, and has founded and built a number of successful, and very profitable, sales and marketing companies in Europe and in the US. 

Per also co-founded the industry association G-SAM, and has published a number of articles in industry press. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences.

For Per’s LinkedIN profile click: here