We set the Right Price for your product or service. Our Pricing Research Project replaces guesses, gut-feel, assumptions, and anecdotes with process and science, giving you full confidence that your price is right, that you are not leaving money on the table, and that you price right for the market segment that is most willing to buy your product or service.

We provide detailed, true, and qualified insight into your customers' decision behavior, perceptions, drivers, and willingness to pay, leading to actionable practical recommendations on price, positioning, marketing, and sales. 

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We are experienced business people who bring experience from more than 70 industries and 400 project to your company.

We use in-depth, practical, pricing research, deep analysis and competitive intelligence to help our clients price their goods and services correctly and make better business decisions.  

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News: Atenga Founder Per Sjofors commenting on Disneyland's price increase. Click Fortune magazine logo to read:

News: Atenga Founder Per Sjofors in Forbes Magazine. Click logo to read:

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